Month: August 2012

Product Review: Kérastase Oléo-Curl Curl Definition Cream

As I’ve mentioned before, my hair is a a confused, somewhat thick blend of curly, wavy, and barely wavy sections. I wear it just above shoulder-length, and I’ve finally found a stylist who understands its multiple personality and who has been able to bring it together into a unified cut.

In my efforts to keep this haircut looking its best for as many weeks as I can, I also like to try various products designated for curly or wavy hair.


Tenoverten Nail Polishes: Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Two of my blogging obsessions are beauty products and New York City, so when I come across something that connects both subjects, I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

On a recent visit to the bi-annual Elements Showcase (a niche/artisan fragrance trade show with a few extras), I met the founders-owners of the Tenoverten nail salons (“ten over ten,” get it?) and I had a chance to try Tenoverten’s own line of nail polish. The collection currently includes fourteen shades named after streets in downtown Manhattan.