Preview: New Lipstick Queen Saint/Sinner Shades and “Dancing Queen” Lipstick Trio

Really, this isn’t going turn into a lipstick-only blog; I’ll get back to other topics soon! But just yesterday I noticed this page in the Barneys catalogue and I needed to know more about the “20 new shades” in Lipstick Queen’s Saints and Sinners lipstick collection. How did I almost miss this piece of news from one of my favorite cosmetics lines?

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Product Review: L’Oréal’s Colour Caresse Lipstick in Cherry Tulle

A few weeks ago I raved about L’Oréal’s new Colour Caresse lipstick in Rose Taffeta (you can see that post here). I liked this product so much that I went back to the drugstore aisle and ended up with a second shade: Cherry Tulle (179). It’s a red shade, slightly outside my rose/berry comfort zone, with another name inspired by fabric and fashion.

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Things That Make You Go “Hmmm”: Allure Magazine, November 2012

When I first looked at the cover Allure’s November 2012 issue, I laughed at the apparent contradiction between two headlines. The first reads, “Haven’t Slept In Forever? Cures For Dark Circles, Page 186.” Immediately below this, a second headline promises, “Makeup Artist All-Stars Reveal Their Best Tricks (#1: Get Naughty Black Eyes).”

So, which is it? Dark/black circles/eyes or not? Yes or no?

On second thought, I was bothered by that second line.

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