My Summer Hair Routine

munch girl combing her hair 1892 rasmus meyer collection bergen norway

It’s summer, and my style is a little more casual (read: unemployed) than usual this year, so I’m paring down a few of my personal-care routines. Why not start at the top, so to speak? My curly-wavy hair loves summer weather, to the point where its exuberance needs to be restrained a bit. The problem is always how to fight wild frizz without losing all volume and texture (because I actually like having naturally curly hair).

Sometimes, less is more.

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Product Review: ShiKai Borage Therapy Children’s Lotion


One of my least favorite things about summer is the need to shave my legs more often. Hair just grows more quickly in hot weather, and the option of camouflage via black tights has been eliminated until September or October.

When the temperature finally soared into the 80s in June, I resigned myself to daily shower sessions with the razor. However, something went wrong, and I somehow ended up with swaths of itchy red bumps down both my shins. I think the unfortunate combination of a dull blade, brand-X shaving cream, overly scented lotion, and a nasty heat spell was to blame.

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Product Review: Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick in Georgia (62)

guerlain rouge g

Just a week or two ago, I mentioned my increasing fascination with Guerlain cosmetics. I know, I know. I’m weak. But I decided to give myself a little birthday present, because it’s been a rough month or two, and there’s nothing like a new lipstick, right? So… how about a Rouge G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Lip Colour? Shockingly overpriced, senselessly wasteful. And absolutely perfect (in all ways but one).

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Product Review: Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint in Light/Clair


Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 4.01.24 PM

Although I make regular stops at Guerlain counters to sniff some of my favorite fragrances (Après L’Ondée, Nahéma, Chamade…), I’ve consciously ignored the Guerlain cosmetics line for ages. It’s expensive, and it has shiny gold-tone packaging (not my style). I did cave once, for a fancy lipstick (named for Après L’Ondée!), and then I managed to steer away from the collection for another year or two, until I tried Lingerie de Peau and it became my favorite foundation.

Guerlain recently launched Terracotta Joli Teint Beautifying Foundation, “a single formula that combines the perfection of foundation, the beautiful effect of a skincare product, and the sun-kissed radiance of Terracotta.” This product is meant to complement Guerlain’s classic Terracotta line of bronzing face powders and other “sun-kissed” cosmetics.

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Product Review: Face Stockholm Veil Lipstick in Wineberry


This is the third of three reviews covering products from an unexpected splurge at Face Stockholm in New York. Today’s pick is Veil Lipstick in a shade called Wineberry—you can see its silvertone case and its pink box  in the group shot above.

Face Stockholm’s Lip Veil formula offers “a sheer wash of moisturizing color,” which makes it idea for spring and summer, or whenever a slightly less-made-up-than-usual look is in order.

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