Product Review: Kiko Cosmetics Angel Kiss in Cranberry Crumble


I’ve never had problems with chapped lips like I’m having this winter. This situation actually began in September (as a reaction to an ingredient in a new lip balm, I believe) and it’s morphed into a repeated cycle of dryness and peeling. Indoor heating and the constant weather changes seem to be the main culprits.

I made a trip to the local mall last weekend, and on a visit to Kiko Cosmetics I spied this lip care/color set on the sale table. It includes a lip scrub and a tinted balm, available in four color/flavor options.   Continue reading

5 Products for “Low-Makeup” Days


I wear makeup whenever I leave the house, i.e. every day; more for work or evenings, of course, and less on weekends or days off when I plan to stay local. I don’t really “do” no-makeup days, but do have a low-makeup (lo-makeup?) routine that’s slightly more streamlined than my office look or my night-out look. Here are five tried-and-true products for days when I’m keeping things simple.

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Product Reviews: TouchBack Duo BrowMarker and The Face Shop Color My Eyebrow


In case you didn’t know, eyebrows are having “a moment.” Forget everything you heard in the early 2000s about tweezing, waxing, and threading your brows into wispy arched lines; today, those ocular accessories should be thick, dark, straight, even “boyish.”

My eyebrows actually happen to be naturally thick-ish, although I did deliberately narrow them somewhat back in the late 90s through repeated plucking. However, this spring, my seasonal pollen allergies gave me itchy eyes, and I ended up rubbing the affected area until I wore a small bald spot in one eyebrow. Now my brows were asymmetrical and potentially off-trend. What to do?

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