My Back Pages: Gloria Vanderbilt’s Home in W Magazine, 1982

vanderbilt southampton

In 1982 I knew just a few things about Gloria Vanderbilt. I knew that she designed a line of jeans that had been wildly popular at my grade school a year or two earlier. I knew that her name graced the lavender-colored packaging for Vanderbilt perfume, the fragrance I was wearing most often that year. I also knew, thanks to W magazine, that she  owned a large and eclectically decorated house in some place called Southampton, New York.

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Product Review: Anna Sui Spring 2014 Lipstick in Cherry Pink (01)


Last week I stopped by the Anna Sui boutique for the first time in months. It was an unusually long stretch between visits for me, due to the miserable winter weather and an especially busy work season. I didn’t end up buying any clothing from the sale rack (just as well!), but I did spend a while examining the Spring 2014 cosmetics line.

I was especially charmed by these limited edition lipsticks in rose-patterned cases, available in three shades: Cherry Pink, Coral Pink, and Deco Orange. They were launched in early February.

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Diana Vreeland on “Perfume – Fragrance” in “MEMOS: The Vogue Years”


My copy of “Diana Vreeland MEMOS: The Vogue Years” arrived yesterday, and I spent last evening curled up in bed perusing it. It’s really a treat.

The best thing about this book is that it reproduces Vreeland’s actual memos and letters, rather than just quoting from them. You get to see the typed pages (all dictated to an assistant at Vogue, of course!), often with additions in DV’s own handwriting.

So, I tried taking a photo of a memo dated February 24, 1969, with the subject line “PERFUME – FRAGRANCE,” but it didn’t turn out very well. Instead, I’ll just transcribe it here…

“By far and away the most important fragrance is the fragrance of a house as it is the ambiance of the owner. It seems that very few Americans, unless they have spent a long time in Europe, particularly in England, have any real sense of scenting a house. It is not considered in the general sense of people, important. There are several that are very extraordinary.

Guerlain’s Plant Marine and Floris’ Tantivy. You are immediately alerted to the presence and whole aspect of the house and owner when you come in the door, you smell this.

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