Throwback Thursday: Some of My Old Perfume Bottles


I was sorting through some files in my computer and I came across this photo I took a few years ago. It shows some of my old perfume bottles, dating from 1987 through 1995.

From left to right, they are: Kenzo Parfum d’Été, Romeo Gigli, Laura Ashley No. 1, and Oscar de la Renta Ruffles.

I’d probably still wear any of these fragrances today. Well, maybe not the Ruffles, which was quite fruity-sweet, as I remember. But the others, yes.

My Best in Beauty 2015

l-93js2nhb2h4y3dHappy New Year!

2015 was an interesting year for me in various ways. Professionally, it ended happily: I went from collecting unemployment to piecing together several part-time and freelance gigs to securing a full-time position in my field. Due to all this work-related effort, I didn’t blog as often as usual; and, since my primary work location moved from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn, my beauty shopping and sampling patterns were drastically altered. (My wallet is grateful, at least.)

That being said, here are my favorite things (and just a few complaints) about my beauty experiences of 2015:

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