Passing Fancies: October 2014

lippincotts october 1896 joseph j gould jr

Reading: “Gone Girl.” I’m one of the last people in America to read this book, right? I saw the movie first.

Video: A binge-watch of the first season of “Blacklist” (James Spader!)

Audio: Autumn is always a good time for some Lloyd Cole.

Drink: Some delicious sangria at a tapas restaurant the other night, with my friend M.

Eats & Treats: Various kinds of apples from the farmers market

Garb: A new black cardigan-jacket purchased during Comptoir des Cotonniers’ summer sale

Beauty Products: Some early-release Christmas products (!) from LUSH (reviews to follow!)

Pleasure: Giving my first professional presentation on perfume advertising and art history (more to come, I hope!)

Worry: Ebola. No, just kidding. Maybe.

Stray thought: Since I have more even time than usual to appreciate them lately, I feel very fortunate to have the friends that I have, both near and far.

Image: Joseph J. Gould for Lippincott’s, October 1896.

Product Review: Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in Pinky Groove (364)

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.44.40 PM

Well, my infatuation with Guerlain cosmetics continues, so I thought I’d post another lipstick review. Pinky Groove is a shade from the revamped KissKiss line, launched in late summer 2014. Like many shades in the KissKiss collection, it has a silly-sounding name but it’s a beautiful color. The official product shot (above) is very close to the actual product, but I took a few photos of my own nevertheless…