Passing Fancies: July 2014

lippincotts july boston

Reading: I just finished At Last, the final novel in Edward St. Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose cycle

Video: Mr. Tinsel and I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. One good summer blockbuster is a must!

Art: A recent visit to the Newark Museum

Drink: Palais des Thés Fruit de la Passion flavored black tea…iced!

Eats & Treats: I’m on a chia pudding kick.

Garb: A dress and a shirt from the latest summer sale at Comptoir des Cotonniers

Beauty Products: Local handmade soaps from Taproot Organics

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Diana Vreeland’s Dressing Table (1975)

vreeland dressing table

Vogue just announced that a collection of fragrances inspired by the legendary Diana Vreeland will be launched in Paris this fall; for  more information, see here.

In honor of this news, I’m posting this photograph of Vreeland’s dressing table in her New York apartment. It was photographed for a feature in Architectural Digest’s September/October 1975 issue. I can’t identify any of the perfume bottles in this photo; if you have sharper eyes than I do, please leave a comment with your observations!

You can read one of my earlier posts about Vreeland and perfume here. The more I learn about her, the more I realize how much she loved fragrance.

Art, Music, Perfume: Rasputina’s “Cabin Fever” Album Cover


I didn’t know anything about the band Rasputina until I walked into one of their live shows, thanks to my husband, who had bought tickets, guessing (correctly) that I would enjoy it. Rasputina’s musical style is often described as “gothic cello-rock,” and it’s certainly a love-or-hate thing. For me, it was love at first note.

I just wanted to share this image, the cover of Rasputina’s 2002 album Cabin Fever. Rasputina’s frontwoman, Melora Creager, creates much of the artwork for the band’s visual materials. She seems to have collaborated with photographer and multi-media artist Ryan Obermeyer for this cover.

Do you see what I see?

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