The Art of Perfume Ads: Helena Rubinstein Emotion (1965)

Helena Rubinstein via Paper Pursuits Emotion

I still have Helena Rubinstein on my mind after viewing the Jewish Museum’s exhibition about her. It seems like a good time, then, to take a closer look at this advertisement for the fragrance Emotion, launched by Helena Rubinstein in 1960.

The ad, which dates to 1965, shows a stylish couple posed against a background of wavy black and white lines that resembles the patterning of a particularly mod zebra. The man is kissing the woman’s hand, or perhaps inhaling her perfume.

The backdrop is really the point, though—we can find an embracing couple in perfume ads from every decade of the past century, but that bold (even overpowering) design places this image squarely in the middle of the 1960s and nowhere else…

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