Girls at a Woolworth’s Perfume Counter, 1947

S Kubrick for Look 1947 MNY287533

This photograph was taken in 1947 by Stanley Kubrick, when he was a staff photographer for LOOK magazine in New York. LOOK no longer exists, nor does Woolworth’s. I wonder where these two girls are today, and whether they still wear perfumes, and if so, which ones.

Collections of the Museum of the City of New York, X2011.4.10254.152E

Elsewhere on the Internet: My “Listicle” About Celebrity Perfumes


For the past two years, I’ve been writing uncredited profiles of famous people in history and culture for the Biography website. Hey, a girl’s got to pay the bills. And more recently, I’ve been authoring articles (really more like “listicles”) on specific topics, with a byline.

Here’s my latest piece, a summary of important moments in celebrity perfumes. Enjoy!