On the Street: Doc Martens, Redux

docs 1

I took these two photographs during my commute one morning last week. I could easily take several similar photos during every morning and evening commute, as well as at my office, to make this obvious point: classic Dr. Marten AirWair boots are back (again). I supposed it’s been a while since their last revival. I’m not sure what exactly prompted this latest wave, but a whole new generation of girls has suddenly embraced them this spring.

These two young women were waiting for a crosstown bus in their purple and oxblood Docs.

docs two

I spotted this girl wearing basic black Docs on the subway. The fact that she was reading Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, published in 1988, gave me even more of a flashback to my own Doc-wearing days of the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, I felt rebellious. I wore them with black leggings and black sweaters and floral print Betsey Johnson miniskirts, or with vintage dresses and cardigans. Then grunge hit the mainstream, and Docs didn’t seem so edgy anymore, so I phased them out of my wardrobe (although I kept the sweaters and dresses).

I wonder where people buy Docs in NYC these days, now that so many independent shoe stores and clothing boutiques have closed. I used to shop on West 8th Street; my college roommate favored 99X.

Have you ever worn Docs? Have you seen them around lately, wherever you live?

Photos by Tinsel Creation.

Covet: Charlotte Olympia “Fairy Tales” Shoes


I love fashion. And I love books. (Not in some hipster-Instagram, “I love books! they’re so old-school!” way, but as someone who has been reading actual books for close on four decades, and owns hundreds of them, and spends much of her time in libraries, and most definitely does not own an e-reader. Okay, rant over.)

I would never actually wear these shoes, but they’re certainly fun to look at, aren’t they? with their heels embossed and ridged to look like the spines of very old leather-bound books? They belong to Charlotte Olympia’s “Fairy Tales” collection. So much better than a glass slipper.

Image: photo via Tom and Lorenzo.