Free Association: By Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil

Luxury niche fragrance house By Kilian has just announced its forthcoming collection, In the Garden of Good and Evil. This collection is inspired by the Biblical story of original sin in the Garden of Eden, and each of its three perfumes is presented in a white lacquer box adorned with a golden serpent.

In a publicity photograph for the new line, Kilian Hennessy poses with a scaly companion. I suppose we’re meant to read this image as a sexy, subversive allusion to the Old Testament.

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Preview: Anna Sui Beauty “Black Veil” Holiday 2012 Collection

I’m a longtime admirer of Anna Sui’s work—I own quite a few of her dresses and I never tire of wearing them. One of my favorites is a simple black-lace dress with short sleeves and an A-line, knee-length skirt; it has gone everywhere with me.

When I read that the Holiday 2012 collection from Anna Sui Beauty was inspired by black lace, I looked forward to learning more. Here are some details and pictures of the limited edition “Black Veil” collection, due to be released in November.

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The Art of Perfume Ads: Jennifer Aniston

I don’t usually say or think much about Jennifer Aniston, because she and her acting career and her romantic travails generally don’t interest me. However, when her début fragrance was released in 2010 and arrived in the United States a year later, she edged her way a bit further into my awareness.

I’ve heard the fragrance is nice enough, but as so often happens, I’ve spent more time looking at the ad than sampling her eponymous scent at Sephora. If  Ms. Aniston is playing a larger part than usual in my conscious mind, then her ad has touched upon something buried deep in my unconscious.

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Bergdorf Goodman September 2012 Beauty Event… (with a Sunday Riley update!)

Just in case you were looking for another promotional event this month: Bergdorf Goodman in New York is currently holding its fall “Rewarding Beauty Event.” At various spending levels you can receive free shipping or a certain dollar amount off your beauty and/or fragrance purchase, through Sunday the 23rd. See above!

Sunday Riley is one of my favorite Bergdorf counters for skincare and cosmetics, and you can find additional bonuses there this weekend. Here’s the breakdown…

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Covet: Andrea Garland Organic Lip Balm in Vintage-Inspired Pill Box

I’ve shopped at Beautyhabit many times over the past decade, and I always enjoy their e-mail announcements of new additions to their product catalogue. Thanks to their latest message, I’ve just learned about London-based aromatherapy Andrea Garland and her line of natural lip balms packaged in vintage and vintage-inspired pill boxes.

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