5 on 5: Beauty Products for Winter Weather


It’s early February, and after some prolonged warmer temperatures, we’ve hit deep winter with no turning back. This time of year brings its own beauty challenges, most of them very practical. How can we protect and nourish our skin and hair against low humidity and freezing air?

These are five of the products that are making me feel healthier and more attractive, even on the bleakest, windiest days.

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Product Review: Anjolie Ayurveda Lavender Hair Elixir

I don’t think I’ve mentioned hair yet on this blog. My own hair has been a challenge for most of my adult life. It’s fairly thick, but it grows in a strange mix of curly and wavy textures. I don’t color or straighten it, so it’s as natural as it can be, but it’s still prone to dryness.

I’m completely devoted to my stylist, who prevents any potential hair-chaos with long layers and careful shaping. Without him, I’d be a mess. On my own, I use gentle shampoo and conditioner and I blow-dry with a diffuser after applying a curly-hair styling cream. Sometimes, especially in cold, dry winter weather or humid summer weather, my hair still needs a little extra something. The challenge is adding moisture without weighing down my style. Continue reading “Product Review: Anjolie Ayurveda Lavender Hair Elixir”