Things That Make You Go “Hmmm”: Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Perfume Ad

I’ve been a fan of Atelier Cologne since its line arrived in New York in 2010. I like several of the fragrances and I also admire the beautifully photographed object-collages that accompany each scent, to set a mood and tell a story.

Those visuals usually seem quite personal, as though the owners of Atelier had composed them from favorite possessions. (In fact, I believe they did do this for the initial group of fragrances, at least.) However, the photograph for recent launch Rose Anonyme has me raising an eyebrow. One one hand, it’s a bit generic: the items don’t really seem to belong to anyone. On the other hand, there’s something oddly familiar about the appearance of a mask, a set of handcuffs, and a key, all processed into grisaille.

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