Quick Reads: Tilda Swinton in GQ

tilda swinton gq

I met Tilda Swinton in person once, four years ago. She was making a personal appearance at Henri Bendel in New York to mark the launch of Like This, her fragrance collaboration with Etat Libre d’Orange. You can read my brief post about that event here. I ended up getting a nasty e-mail from Bendel, which wasn’t happy about something I said in the “comments” section. All in all, though, the experience was a thrill, and Bendel doesn’t even sell fragrance anymore, so that’s all water under the bridge.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Tilda Swinton was just as preternatually beautiful in person as she is in photographs, and she radiates intelligence and wit and warmth. All of those qualities come through in her recent interview with, of all things, GQ. You can read it here. Spritz on some Like This and enjoy.