Product Review: Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint in Light/Clair


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Although I make regular stops at Guerlain counters to sniff some of my favorite fragrances (Après L’Ondée, Nahéma, Chamade…), I’ve consciously ignored the Guerlain cosmetics line for ages. It’s expensive, and it has shiny gold-tone packaging (not my style). I did cave once, for a fancy lipstick (named for Après L’Ondée!), and then I managed to steer away from the collection for another year or two, until I tried Lingerie de Peau and it became my favorite foundation.

Guerlain recently launched Terracotta Joli Teint Beautifying Foundation, “a single formula that combines the perfection of foundation, the beautiful effect of a skincare product, and the sun-kissed radiance of Terracotta.” This product is meant to complement Guerlain’s classic Terracotta line of bronzing face powders and other “sun-kissed” cosmetics.

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