5 Products for “Low-Makeup” Days


I wear makeup whenever I leave the house, i.e. every day; more for work or evenings, of course, and less on weekends or days off when I plan to stay local. I don’t really “do” no-makeup days, but do have a low-makeup (lo-makeup?) routine that’s slightly more streamlined than my office look or my night-out look. Here are five tried-and-true products for days when I’m keeping things simple.

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Product Review: 5 Beauty Items That I Would *Not* Repurchase

revlon bold lacquer

Once I met a very nice Now Smell This reader who asked me, “Do you ever not like a fragrance?” I do write more positive than negative reviews for Now Smell This, mainly because I only write one review per week and I’d rather spread the word about something I like than waste my time bashing something that wasn’t so great (unless it’s really bad, or doesn’t live up to its promises).

The same could be said of my product reviews here, but I’ve recently compiled a mental list of beauty items that I wouldn’t try or buy again, and here are five of them!

Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara: I purchased this mascara in a shade called Blackened Brown. It’s horrible. Clumpy, sticky, obvious in a bad way. When I wear it, I’m conscious all day that fibers and dyes are attached to my eyelashes.

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Perfume Bottles

sensorium bottles

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my visit to the “Sensorium” organized by Sephora and Firminich in 2011. Here’s another photograph from that event, showing four vintage perfume bottles: one from Guerlain (Coque d’Or, in the front), one from Hattie Carnegie (in the rear), and two from Elsa Schiaparelli (Zut on the left, Shocking on the right). These bottles matched their fragrances and their brands so well. I think many of us miss seeing that kind of attention to detail today!