Quick Reads: Elisa Lempicka’s Apartment in NYC


I’ll always have a fondness for Lolita Lempicka perfumes. I was wearing the original Lolita Lempicka fragrance, the one in the purple apple-shaped bottle, during one of the happiest times of my life, and I’ve tried and enjoyed all the others.

I also have a fantasy of living in a roomy apartment in an old building in Greenwich Village, which will never come true, because I am not a billionaire. But you know who does live in one of those apartments? Elisa Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka’s daughter and the creative director for the LL perfume brand. I’m trying not to succumb to the deadly sin of envy (for her whole life).

In any case, you can see photos of the apartment at Time Out New York. Here’s a shot of family photos mingled with Lolita Lempicka perfumes, candles from Cire Trudon and Ladurée, and La Maison du Chocolate candy boxes, plus who-knows-what-else. Again, envy.