Girls at a Woolworth’s Perfume Counter, 1947

S Kubrick for Look 1947 MNY287533

This photograph was taken in 1947 by Stanley Kubrick, when he was a staff photographer for LOOK magazine in New York. LOOK no longer exists, nor does Woolworth’s. I wonder where these two girls are today, and whether they still wear perfumes, and if so, which ones.

Collections of the Museum of the City of New York, X2011.4.10254.152E

A Gilded Age Dressing Table


I was just looking through the exhibition catalogue Gilded New York: Design, Fashion, and Society, edited by Donald Albrecht and Jeannine Falino (published in 2013, so it’s fairly recent!), and I wanted to share this photograph of an arrangement evoking a “Lady’s Dressing Table.” It includes a glass flask in the shape of a swan (1885-1910, retailed by the jeweler Theodore B. Starr), a dance card with a mother-of-pearl cover, a decorative vial of smelling salts, and a sapphire brooch from Tiffany & Company. The stunning silver scent bottles, dated 1886, were also created by Tiffany.

All objects come from the collections of the Museum of the City of New York.