Grand Opening of 942 Summit, Jersey City: Tea! Gluten-Free Desserts! Natural Bath & Body Products!

942 summit

Sorry about all those exclamation points… I’m just a little (well, a lot!) excited about a new business venture that has opened in Jersey City, New Jersey, where I happen to live. Jersey City lies directly across the river from Manhattan, and I love our section of town for its (relative) affordability, its diversity, its neighborhood feeling, and its total lack of pretense. All the same, I sometimes wish I could shop locally for “green” toiletries and healthy artisanal foods, rather than bringing them home from Manhattan.

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Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 2

During our recent weekend “down the Shore,” my husband and I stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Ocean Grove, but we also spent time in adjacent Asbury Park. Asbury Park is by far the better known of the two towns, famous for its boardwalk amusements and its longtime association with Bruce Springsteen. Like Ocean Grove, it has also made something of a comeback in the past quarter-century. Continue reading “Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 2”

Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 1

Although I grew up in central New Jersey, I can count the times I’ve been “down the Shore” on my fingers. For one thing, I was (and still am) usually more interested in spending time in New York. Furthermore, I don’t like heat or sun or rowdy crowds, so a trip to my home state’s beaches in the heat of summer has never held much charm for me.

But I learned a few years ago that I really do enjoy beaches in my own way: off season, when the weather is mild and attendance is sparse. My husband and I just spent a weekend in Ocean Grove and Asbury Park. It was my first visit to the area in many years, so I took a few pictures. Continue reading “Photo Album: By The Sea, Part 1”