Product Review: 5 Beauty Items That I Would *Not* Repurchase

revlon bold lacquer

Once I met a very nice Now Smell This reader who asked me, “Do you ever not like a fragrance?” I do write more positive than negative reviews for Now Smell This, mainly because I only write one review per week and I’d rather spread the word about something I like than waste my time bashing something that wasn’t so great (unless it’s really bad, or doesn’t live up to its promises).

The same could be said of my product reviews here, but I’ve recently compiled a mental list of beauty items that I wouldn’t try or buy again, and here are five of them!

Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara: I purchased this mascara in a shade called Blackened Brown. It’s horrible. Clumpy, sticky, obvious in a bad way. When I wear it, I’m conscious all day that fibers and dyes are attached to my eyelashes.

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5 on 5: Current Drugstore Favorites

I do most of my shopping for toiletries at Whole Foods and Lifethyme in New York, and I have a weakness for higher-end cosmetics lines that show up at places like Bergdorf and Barneys. On the other hand, some of my favorite basics come from the drugstore. Here are five of my current favorites in the “cheap thrills” department.

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