Le Couvent des Minimes 3-in-1 Micellar Water


I’m trying to keep my skincare simple these days, due to a recurring case of facial dermatitis that’s been bothering me for months. (It an allergy? Is it caused by stress? Who knows?) That means minimal product, but I still need to cleanser and to remove my makeup at night—and Le Couvent des Minimes’s 3-in-1 Micellar Water came along at just the right time.

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Product Review: Aroma M Camellia Cleansing Oil

cassatt toilette

The independent perfume line Aroma M has quietly expanded its catalogue to include a line of camellia oil-based skincare products, adding new items one by one. I’m already a devoted fan of the collection’s facial oil and hair oil, but the Camellia Cleaning Oil took me a while longer to try. That’s only because I’ve never cleansed with oils before, as much as I love them for post-washing treatment. I don’t know why; the time just had to be me right for me to experiment.

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Product Review: Almonde Botanicals Mocha Facial Exfoliant


I recently happened to visit Jersey City’s 6th Borough Market, an outdoor event offering crafts, antiques, vintage clothing, and interesting food, all locally made or locally sourced. I stopped by Almonde Botanicals table, where I couldn’t help noticing this display of powdered facial scrubs packaged in salt shakers, and since Fall is a good time to make adjustments in skincare before Winter arrives and takes its toll, I picked up Almonde’s Mocha Facial Exfoliant to take home with me.

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