A Visit to the Palais des Thes Boutique in SoHo

tea exterior

I’ve known about the French brand Palais des Thés for a while, and I’ve purchased their tea once or twice at various shops around New York, but I just made my first visit to a Palais des Thés boutique last week. There are currently two Palais des Thés boutiques in Manhattan, one on the Upper West Side and one located at 156 Prince Street in SoHo.

tea wall

This SoHo location stocks over 100 varieties of tea, all directly sourced by Palais des Thés (which has been in business since 1986). I have a very basic knowledge of tea, as well as certain preferences, but I was a bit overwhelmed by this range of choices. Fortunately, the boutique’s staff were helpful as well as knowledgeable. And, as a perfume-lover, I was happy to see that the teas were categorized not only by country of origin and by type (black, green, or white) , but also by flavor: fruity, flowery, smoky, etc. …

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