Throwback Thursday: Vintage Perfume Bottles

sensorium bottles

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my visit to the “Sensorium” organized by Sephora and Firminich in 2011. Here’s another photograph from that event, showing four vintage perfume bottles: one from Guerlain (Coque d’Or, in the front), one from Hattie Carnegie (in the rear), and two from Elsa Schiaparelli (Zut on the left, Shocking on the right). These bottles matched their fragrances and their brands so well. I think many of us miss seeing that kind of attention to detail today!

Vintage Perfume: Penner House, California, 1938


This photograph shows a vanity designed by Paul T. Frankl, who furnished the Los Angeles home of comedian and radio personality Joe Penner and his wife Eleanor in 1938. It’s a classic piece of Art Deco design and, best of all, it displays more than two dozen perfume bottles.

I see Vol de Nuit, Shalimar, and Liu (Mrs. Penner was apparently a Guerlain-lover!), Bellodgia by Caron, and Cassandra by Weil. I’m sure I’ll identify a few more bottles as I keep studying this photo. Can you name any?

Image: Paul T. Frankl, vanity in Penner House, Holmby Hills, California, 1938. Reproduced in Christopher Long, Paul T. Frankl and Modern American Design, 2007.