Just Because: First-Century Portrait of a Woman (with Perfume!)

Portrait of a Woman. Er-Rubayat, ca. 100-120 A.D.
Portrait of a Woman. Er-Rubayat, ca. 100-120 A.D.

The British Museum describes this small mummy-portrait as “cheerful” if “rather amateurish.” It also notes her jewelry—the snake bracelet, the dangling earrings, the layered necklaces—and, last but not least, the small bottle she clasps:

“In her hand she holds a small unguentarium, or bottle for scented oils, which were often placed in graves as offerings to the dead. Here, perhaps, it is simply intended to represent a bottle of her favorite perfume.”

Indeed. If you were an ancient Egyptian, wouldn’t you want to take your favorite fragrances into the afterlife with you? I would.

Source: Paul Roberts, Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt. London, The British Museum, 2008.

Preview: Nonie Creme/Colour Prevails Lash Ombre Mascara, Colour Wash Comfort Balm, Classic Lip Duo (Lipstick/Gloss)

IMG_20150625_101645846 Manhattan has more Duane Reade drugstores than I can count. They seem to multiply on their own, and some of the newer ones are quite large. I recently entered a Duane Reade looking for something specific and realized that I was in the same DR store I’d visited ten minutes ago, except that on my first visit I’d entered and exited from another door located around the corner and nearly a block away…if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I got caught in a rainstorm one night this week and popped into the nearest Duane Reade—just a few feet away!—to wait and stay dry. I ended up transfixed by displays of cosmetics from the new Circa and Nonie Creme/Color Prevails lines. This happened. Reviews to follow.

William Butler Yeats, “When You Are Old” / “Peggy Sue Got Married”

peggy sue collage

Part three of my personal tribute to Yeats and his 150th anniversary.

I remember a scene or two from the 1986 film “Peggy Sue Got Married” (directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Kathleen Turner) in which Yeats’s poetry was mentioned. In case you haven’t seen this movie: Peggy Sue Bodell is an unhappily married, forty-something woman who attends her high school reunion and wonders what her life would have been like if she’d just made some different choices.

She finds out soon enough, when she faints at the reunion and time-travels back to her senior year of high school.

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