My New Blog…Come Visit!


Hello, old friends! I’ve started a new blog, focusing on my fragrance-related thoughts and activities. It’s called Perfume Professor. Come visit!

This blog will remain open, although I won’t be posting here very often. Thank you for being loyal readers…I hope to see you soon on my new page.


Quick Reads: A New Blog About Jersey City


There are many blogs about New York City’s history, but very few about the past of its next-door neighbor New Jersey. I’m happy to see a new blog, Another Town on the Hudson, which concentrates on Jersey City’s cultural history. The author (full disclosure: someone close to me!) is posting weekly meditations on Chilltown’s past, illustrated with fascinating archival images. I look forward to following it, and I just wanted to share it with anyone who might be a fellow history-lover or Jersey native.

Image: Holland Tubes, Jersey City, NJ, via New York Public Library.