Caron “Powder Happy Hour” at New London Pharmacy, NYC

New London Pharmacy hosted a happy hour event last night to feature Caron’s facial powder line at its cosmetics counter. I’m a loyal user of Caron’s powder and I always enjoy stopping by New London, so I didn’t want to miss this gathering. (Not to mention that many of the powder products were being offered at special prices for the occasion!)

Here are a few quick photographs from the event.

Macarons from Mille-Feuille Bakery! A rainbow of delicate flavors.

A rose macaron with a bubbly sip of champagne and delicious peach liqueur.

“Pompon Poudre,” a portable loose powder in a refillable container with a washable sponge puff. It’s available in three shades in the United States.

An elegant pressed-powder compact posing with Caron’s own “Kabuki” brush.

New London Pharmacy is located at 246 8th Avenue in New York. Its website includes a selection of Caron powders and fragrances; the boutique’s phone number is 212-243-4987.

Images: all photos by Tinsel Creation.


4 thoughts on “Caron “Powder Happy Hour” at New London Pharmacy, NYC

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I’m enjoying your blog very much.

    What do you think about the Caron powder compared to other cosmetic powders? The scent and the famous puff get great reviews, but is it effective for setting makeup and keeping oil away?

    That looks like it was a fun event. Macarons and champagne–what more could one want!

    1. Hi, Vinery — It really was a nice event! As for the powder, it really is my favorite. It blends well, it stays put, and it doesn’t oxidize throughout the day. I have oily skin, so I do need to touch up every few hours with blotting paper or a bit more powder, but I’ve never met a powder that could keep me *totally* shine-free… and I’ve tried many! The only ones that seemed to curb my shine even better (e.g. MAC Blot, Silk Naturals Blur) gave me terribly clogged pores, so I’m sticking with Caron. :)

  2. Jessica, so lovely to meet you that day. Do you have a swan’s down powder puff? I love the very idea. What do you use on the go? I have a nice tiny Estee Lauder compact that I enjoy with a decorative finish, but it is very heavy for such a small object. I always envy those who have interesting powder compacts when they pull them out in public.

    1. Lucy! I did own one of the swan’s down puffs, and I used and enjoyed it for a long time. However, the down is delicate and can’t really be washed, as I eventually learned the hard way! Maybe one day I’ll buy a new one. As for powder on the go, I usually transfer some of my Caron loose powder into a small shaker canister and carry it in my makeup bag with a small powder brush. However, I do now own a Caron compact, which I’m very excited to start using. Glamourous!

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