5 on 5: Perfume Necklaces

If you’re scent-obsessed, you’ve probably thought about ways to carry your perfume with you for travel or touch-ups. I’m a loyal user of small plastic atomizers like the ones sold by Accessories for Fragrances (cheap! unbreakable! lightweight!), but sometimes I’m tempted by jewelry created specifically to contain perfume.

Natural fragrance lines Ayala Moriel and Roxana Illuminated Perfume both offer beautiful pendants for their solid perfumes, which inspired me to write this post. I’ve been hunting down a few options for liquid fragrance at various price points and now I’m trying to decide which to buy.

This sterling silver piece from Silver Mine Gifts is very “me,” from its Victorian-inspired design to its antiqued finish. I can imagine filling it with a wistful, classic floral like Caron’s N’Aimez Que Moi or Guerlain’s Après L’Ondée. (The website also offers simpler styles that can be monogrammed.) ($67)

The eBay seller ludvamgift usually has a few glass bottle-necklaces up for sale. They’re fabulously ornate, with crown-like caps, and they’re priced around $19.99. I think you’d have to wear a big and bold Amouage fragrance in one of these.

Etsy is another source for affordable perfume necklaces. The Enchanted Locket carries a few different “scent locket” designs. For this sort of pendant, you would spritz a bit of felt or a cotton ball with perfume, tuck it inside, and then let its scent escape through the locket’s openings. I can imagine various fragrances from Diptyque or L’Artisan Parfumeur complementing this ornament. ($25)

Artaramarie calls its perfume necklaces “stinquepots” (get it?). They’re small ceramic vessels. You’re meant to insert a few drops of perfume through one of the pot’s holes, so that the unglazed interior will absorb the liquid and then gradually diffuse the fragrance when the piece is warmed by your body’s heat. This “stinquepot” calls for a quirky artisanal fragrance like an oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or perhaps something that feels old-world yet slightly raw, like one of Santa Maria Novella’s eau de colognes. ($32)

This is a more functional-looking pendant, and in fact it can be attached to a key chain when you’re not wearing it on a neck cord. It provides an ingenious solution to the perfume-transport problem: its cap unscrews to reveal a compartment for a standard glass perfume vial. You can view more photos and details on Grainwork’s Etsy account. What scent would I put in this one? Anything! ($29)

Images: photos from the various websites listed and linked.


6 thoughts on “5 on 5: Perfume Necklaces

    1. Hello, L! I agree… I have a “pomander” necklace from Jewelmint, a little brass orb perforated with tiny holes. I spritz a piece of cotton ball with fragrance and then I can smell the scent coming and going at various points throughout the day. It’s a nice treat.

  1. Wonderful post! I have various purse perfume flasks, and many small atomizers, I always carry whatever I am wearing with me!!!! Loved looking and will save for reference!!!! Thanks!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Judith! I always carry my “scent of the day” with me, too, usually in a small plastic or glass atomizer. But I’d splurge on a fancier necklace for one of my “signature” scents…! :)

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