Product Review: LUSH Emotional Brilliance Eyes Right Mascara

Over the past week or two, I’ve been trying several products from LUSH’s new “Emotional Brilliance” cosmetics line. (You can read my previous posts about Emotional Brilliance here and here.) One item I’ve been enjoying is Eyes Right Mascara, a simple but innovative mascara that contains natural ingredients and a minimum of preservatives.

Like the other makeup in the Emotional Brilliance collection, Eyes Right is packaged in a recyclable glass bottle with a screw-top cap. The cap holds a traditional, bristly mascara brush on a short wand. Eyes Right is available in one shade, basic black. And, again like the rest of LUSH’s products, it was developed without animal testing.

Eyes Right has a relatively short list of ingredients: wheatgrass infusion, water, Japan wax, stearic acid, talc, triethanolamine, carnauba wax, PVP (a polymer for thickening and adhesion), CI77499 (black coloring), and methylparaben (the one preservative in this formula). It’s fragrance-free and deeply pigmented (see my amateurish attempt at a swatch, below).

As I’ve said before, I’m fussy about mascara. I have relatively dark and long lashes, so I just want a little extra “oomph” without caking and flaking. Eyes Right fits the bill. It applies smoothly with minimal clumping—I comb through with a lash comb afterwards, just because I’m obsessive—and its lasts through my day without any smudging or fallout. I actually prefer shorter wands, since I feel like they give me more control (I’m a bit clumsy), so that’s a plus for me, too. And you get 5 grams of product in this bottle, which will last a long time.

Eyes Right darkens and defines my lashes while still looking natural, which is just what I want. (If Kim Kardashian is your beauty idol, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere—or, of course, you could just stick on a pair of spidery false lashes and be done with it. Then again, if that’s your style, you’re probably not reading this.)

Eyes Right Mascara sells for $18.95 in LUSH shops and on the LUSH website.

Disclaimer: this product was provided as a press sample for consideration/review.

Images: portrait of the Countess of Castiglione by Pierre-Louise Pierson (c. 1863-66), via Wikimedia Commons; product photographs by Tinsel Creation.


9 thoughts on “Product Review: LUSH Emotional Brilliance Eyes Right Mascara

  1. I love that you used an image of the “Countess” of Castiglione. She was a narcissistic nutcase, but as her beauty faded, there was a certain pathos. Nice eye product review. I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I like to accent my eyes. I’d given up on mascaras because I often experience irritation and even inflammation! But I might try this, as it is mostly natural and less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

    1. She was definitely a “character”… but she posed for some fantastic portraits! and, you know, people think Lady Gaga is such an original… ;)
      Short ingredients lists like this one make me wonder what all those other, apparently-very-complicated mascaras are trying to accomplish, exactly…


    How annoying, that you happen to want the same out of a mascara, and have a similar lash build to mine. Again: grrrr.

    *goes to Lush site and finishes all her money*

  3. I *do not* like the look of that brush and it’s really putting me off trying this. It looks like I couldn’t get it close enough to my eye to get right in there because of the clumpy handle/lid thing. Did you find it ok?

    1. Hi, JvS — the short-handled brush does take some getting used to, and a bit of maneuvering. I like it, but I do have to work a little more carefully around the corners and edges!

      1. Good to know. I just tried the product for the first time this morning and got more on my face (and in my eye!) then I did even as a kid playing with make-up for the first time.

  4. Thanks to your constant insistence, and excellent reviews from people with problem skin (I have dry, thin, rosacea-ridden skin), I have just made a VERRRRY large order after wishlisting a billion things for a while…

    My wallet, again, does not like you. I do though! :D I’ll let you know how the skin products treat my poor skin. If they’re as good as people claim, they might get me out of my depression habits of not washing my face as often as I should! Then I’ll REALLY thank you. :)

    1. Oh, you poor thing — about the skin, that is! Treat it gently! and I do hope that you’ll find something from LUSH that really suits you. I’ve been shopping there for, eek, almost a decade, and I’m still loyal to my favorite products!

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