Product Review: Kérastase Oléo-Curl Curl Definition Cream

As I’ve mentioned before, my hair is a a confused, somewhat thick blend of curly, wavy, and barely wavy sections. I wear it just above shoulder-length, and I’ve finally found a stylist who understands its multiple personality and who has been able to bring it together into a unified cut.

In my efforts to keep this haircut looking its best for as many weeks as I can, I also like to try various products designated for curly or wavy hair.

For a while, my stylist was working at a salon that used Kérastase products, and he used Kérastase Oléo-Curl Curl Definition Cream on my hair, with excellent results. I ended up purchasing a tube for myself. I’m not crazy about the bright-orange tube or the citrus-sherbet scent, but I do like the way this product works for me.

As Kérastase recommends, I apply a quarter-sized amount of cream to my hair after towel-blotting it. I work the cream all the way through the hair, gently “scrunching” as I go along, and then I part it and dry with a diffuser on a medium setting.

Oléo-Curl Curl Definition Cream contains emollients to keep my hair feeling soft, a silicone to fight frizz, and light hold for my various waves and curls.

Here’s a close-up of the ingredients:

With the exception of some “Shorea robusta seed butter,” which is also known as “Sal butter” and comes from trees grown in India, the other ingredients appear to be synthetic. (That’s fine with me, as long as a brand doesn’t claim to be green/natural/organic when it’s not.) The amodimethicone is the fifth ingredient on the list, so there’s not enough of it to make my hair feel greasy and coated.

I’ve been spiking my daily dose of Curl Definition Cream with a drop or two of Anjolie Ayurveda Lavender Hair Elixir or a dab of LUSH R & B, for additional definition and moisture.

Would I purchase this product again? Well, I do like it quite a bit, but I still can’t believe how much I paid for five ounces of styling cream ($41). I must have been experiencing an episode of temporary insanity. Yes, the tube has lasted for four months and counting, but since it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of haircare for me, I’ll probably keep my eyes open for something similar yet more affordable.

Do you have any favorite styling products for wavy-curly hair? Feel free to share!

Images: Gustave Courbet, Portrait of Jo (ca. 1866), via The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; product photos by Tinsel Creation.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Kérastase Oléo-Curl Curl Definition Cream

  1. My hair sounds pretty similar to yours, though a bit longer and maybe not quite as curly. I have tried sooooooooo many products, and every time I find something, it gets discontinued. Right now I use a bit of Tresemme curl lotion (for definition) and a bit of Tresemme curl gel (for hold) before drying with a diffuser. Much cheaper than the Kerastase, but these both seem to be discontinued as well. I’ve managed to stock up on and Amazon. Then a bit of a lightweight gel after drying to hold the curls and give a bit more definition (a Sally Hershberger liquid gel that has also been discontinued!). I also occasionally use Aveda Be Curly curl enhancer in lieu of the lotion and gel, as it has a little bit of hold. And last time I got my hair cut, the stylist used Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Hydrocream Whip and it was great – not like mousse at all, so I plan on buying some next time I go there.

    1. Odonata, thank you for these ideas!! Isn’t it frustrating when products keep getting discontined? I think the lotion/gel mix is the way to go for hair that isn’t super-curly. I’ll keep an eye out for the Paul Mitchell stuff…

  2. I’ve got wavy/ curly hair that tends to be dry and frizzy. It’s awful most days. I’ve got access to a lot of the pro products since I have a hair styling license and I try everything looking for the magic combo. I load up on oils and creams and leave in stuff. I just cut off about six inches hoping it would improve things a bit. I don’t have any product at the moment that seems to be working well.

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