Preview: Edward Bess “Eau La La” Perfume for Holiday 2012

I’ve just read a very interesting post on the Edward Bess Facebook page. Apparently the young master of luxury cosmetics will be releasing an Edward Bess fragrance for the Holiday 2012 season.

Here is the description as posted on Facebook:

High above Paris atop Le Grande Roue, a breathtaking journey of enchantment when the golden sun envelops the City of Light to reveal its timeless allure. Eau La La. Fly into the clouds propelled by a mélange of dreams. As the ferris wheel lifts off, sacred incense begins to rise from the ancient cathedrals. Higher and higher, perched at the very top of it all, a whisper of delicate gardenia from the Tuilieries floats above mingling with a delicate veil of amber drifting from the labyrinth of tree lined streets where young lovers embrace below. Let this moment of innocent romance last forever. Edward Bess Eau La La premiering Holiday 2012.

I remember asking Edward a few years ago whether he was planning on launching his own perfume someday. He gave a charmingly evasive answer, and he did tell me that his favorite fragrance line was the Paris-based IUNX, so we know he has good taste. (Well, we already knew that. Just look at his cosmetics line.)
I’m looking forward to hearing more about Eau La La as we approach the release date.

5 thoughts on “Preview: Edward Bess “Eau La La” Perfume for Holiday 2012

  1. Good grief, another celeb release, in a way. Yes, he is a celeb in the cosmetic world. I have just about every product Mr. Bess has released, but he has grown product by product, not story by story, and sadly not enough to entice me to spend more!. There seems to be no story and really no connection to his customer (despite and maybe because his customer has a huge range from very young to us more mature ladies). I don’t think he has enough of a line or enough an idea of who his customer is, and don’t think you can build a fragrance without knowing. Maybe I am disappointed that after buying EVERY product, I called Saks BH more than once to inquire about the new lip products (I cannot shop after two knee surgeries) and never a call was returned. All this while reading about the new releases and stories of Chanel, Ford, Guerlain, Sisily (sp) and so much seduction. So, if I don’t feel seduced by his primary product, cosmetics, I wonder about the seduction of fragrance, which it is all about! Good luck, look foward to reviews.

  2. I know it’s horribly shallow, but I’m seriously lemming that bottle. The juice isn’t really calling me – I like gardenia on others, but not on myself.

    1. T, I don’t think that’s shallow! I’m curious to see it. Wondering whether it will feel as high-quality in person as it looks in the photo. Also, is it an atomizer or a dabber? We shall see! I hope I’ll be able to get my hands on a sample, too.

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