Preview: Anna Sui Spring 2013 Beauty Collection: Drama Queen

anna sui drama queen

When I started this blog, I promised my friend Alyssa that it would feature plenty of lipstick reviews. This is more of a preview than a proper review, but still, I think it’s worth sharing. I love Anna Sui’s clothing, and her makeup line (manufactured by Albion Cosmetics) often catches my fancy as well.


In January 2013, a new collection of Anna Sui lipsticks will be launched (replacing the existing line). The packaging is typically Sui-esque, all rosebuds and ornamental swirls in glossy black, and the new lipsticks will be offered in twenty shades. Fifteen are “vivid” and five are a “dazzle” formulation, which just seems to mean sparkly.

lipstick 1

I ‘m past my black-lipstick stage, but I’m glad to see one for anyone who’s still going Goth, and for myself I’m happy to notice a few creamy rose and berry shades. (The “dazzles” in this shot are 250, 350, and 351.)

lipstick 2

Here are the remaining shades, including a classic deep scarlet called “Anna Red” (400) and two more “dazzles” (650 and 850).

lip crayon

Another new lip product is the twist-up Lip Crayon, available in five long-lasting semi-matte shades.

This new collection will also feature a “lip concealer crayon” (which sounds a bit unnecessary to me?) and a “top coat,” packaged in a tube, to seal in your lip color.

But wait, there’s one more (non-lip) product, in cute packaging:

loose pigment

These are loose-powder  “Makeup Colors” to be used on eyes and cheeks, in five Easter egg-like colors. I love the 60s-style “Dolly” graphics. (The containers have sponge-tip applicators inside their lids.)

The Drama Queen collection will arrive in January 2013. I’ll be checking it out at the Anna Sui boutique in Manhattan (113 Greene Street in SoHo, 212-941-8406).

Information via press release.


10 thoughts on “Preview: Anna Sui Spring 2013 Beauty Collection: Drama Queen

  1. To me it looks very Great Gatsby with the model and the loose powders. The graphic on those look like Louise Brooks …movie star from the 1920’s.
    Love the look of it all and the colors are fab.

  2. I love the make up on that model! And the hair. The lipstick colors look nice. I’ve never tried any Anna Sui cosmetics.

    1. Some of the AS cosmetics campaigns are a little too fairy-princess for me, but this one is right up my alley! I own a nail polish from the line that I really like, and an eye shadow. I wish these products were more widely available…

    1. Unfortunately, I think the boutique in NYC may be the only location in the United States that carries them, other than a very few items at Urban Outfitters and part of the line at Apparently they’re easier to find in Japanese department stores, which isn’t much help over here! I wish they were more widely distributed…

      1. The only place I’ve seen them was in Tokyo. The department stores there have large Anna Sui counter, and this line seems to be very popular. The fairy princess look is very much coveted in Japan, so this line with its slightly gothic twist is a hit. The counters are done in black and deep purple.

        I was distracted by the Japanese lines like Suqqu and Addiction to pay more attention to Anna Sui, but now I regret it. These lipsticks look beautiful. I’m drawn to Anna and some of the pink shades in the 300s. I will look forward to your reviews (and swatches, maybe?)

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