Barneys “Love Your Self” Beauty Bag Event, February 2013


I just received a promotional mailer for Barneys New York’s winter 2013 gift-with-purchase event. From February 13 through February 16, if you spend $200 in-store or online on cosmetics and fragrances, you’ll receive “a cosmetics bag filled with our favorites.”

This beauty bag offer is taking place at Barneys locations in New York (naturally), Beverly Hills, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Seattle.

Are you tempted to splurge on a fragrance or some fancy skincare that’s been on your wishlist for a while?

(If I learn anything about the contents of the gift bag—it’s usually a secret until the event actually begins—I’ll post an update!)


4 thoughts on “Barneys “Love Your Self” Beauty Bag Event, February 2013

    1. Well, I do have a friend who has used La Mer for years and loves it. It seems a bit heavy for me, so I’ve never tried it. I definitely recommend getting your hands on a sample (or two) and using it for a while before you “commit”! I have a feeling that there are other good-quality skin creams on the market now, although there was definitely less to choose from when La Mer made its debut.

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