Photo Album: Providence, Rhode Island

providence bridge

After our recent visit to Newport, Rhode Island, my husband and I spent a couple of days in nearby Providence. Providence is a very different place from Newport, but it’s just as interesting in its own way.

We walked everywhere, starting downtown where the Woonasquatucket River is crossed by multiple bridges and lined with a pedestrian walkway.

providence contrasts

The weather had turned grayer and chillier, which actually suited the cityscape pretty well. We liked the contrast between the city’s small-scale, historic architecture and its later, more industrial structures.

providence bittersweet

We did notice some signs of early spring, like this tree blooming outside the Providence Athenaeum. It reminded me of bittersweet…but I’m not sure what it was, exactly.

providence atheneum copy

The interior of the Athenaeum, which is still used as a library, is a wonderful throwback, with tiers of book stacks, an antique clock on the wall, and busts of writers and philosophers looking down from high shelves. It even maintains its card catalogues. (Remember those?)

providence brown hall

We took a stroll through the center of the Brown University campus, which was unusually quiet for a college campus, since all the students were away on spring break. (Where do Brown students go for spring break? I have no idea.)

providence chase portrait

Fortunately, the Rhode Island School of Design’s museum was still open. I enjoyed the galleries of American art, especially a selection of Hudson River School landscapes and this lovely portrait by William Merritt Chase, which I’ve admired in reproduction but never seen “live” before.

providence fornasetti bathroom

Of course, RISD has the coolest ladies’ room I’ve ever seen. Check out the Fornasetti wallpaper.

providence pizza

We also ate well in Providence. We stood in line to get a table at Bob & Timmy’s in the Federal Hill neighborhood, where the grilled pizza was well worth the wait.

providence local 121

We enjoyed a slightly more upscale meal at the bar of Local 121, located downtown on Washington Street. Local 121 takes a “farm-to-table” approach to its menu, and everything we had was delicious. We also liked the smart beer selection and the friendly bartender named Jonah, not to mention the building that houses the restaurant.

providence coffee syrup

We stopped for coffee at a downtown spot called Small Point Café, and I purchased a big bottle of Rhode Island’s own  Dave’s Coffee Syrup to take home. I’m going to add it to seltzer, and to coffee-flavored cocktails, and to coffee egg creams, and maybe I’ll just pour it over ice cream. No boundaries!

providence perfume

We came across some noteworthy independent boutiques in Providence. Of course, the one I was most excited about was the one that isn’t quite open yet: the Providence Perfume Company storefront on Wickenden Street. It will be opening in April! In the meantime, perfumer and proprietress Charna Ethier gave us a private tour of her work-in-progress.

providence what cheer

I went into a bit of a trance in What Cheer?, a record store and vintage shop that sells everything you can imagine: old books and clothes and housewares, of course, but also endless boxes and drawers of old snapshots, Rhode Island historical ephemera, bits of jewelry, buttons, postcards, hotel keys, you name it. I could have spent hours picking through all these odds and ends.

providence lovecraft grave

We also made a pilgrimage to Swan Point cemetery, to visit the grave of author H. P. Lovecraft. My husband has read and admired Lovecraft’s work for years and years. I’m still a novice, but visiting the writer’s hometown of Providence has made me want to delve more deeply into his work.

providence angel

We always enjoy visiting old cemeteries, wherever we go. That might sound ghoulish, but either you get it, or you don’t. I’ve been infatuated with historic funerary art (i.e., gravestones) since I was a teenager, and I found plenty of examples to admire at Swan Point.

I’ll end on a more cheerful note, with this song. I heard it on the radio just a few days before we left on our trip, and I still have it in my head.


12 thoughts on “Photo Album: Providence, Rhode Island

  1. I love old cemeteries. My parents are into genealogy so they used to take me trudging through MANY old cemeteries as a tween/teen.

  2. I am glad that you got to see one of William Merritt Chase – American Impressionist Painter paintings. Sounds like you had an awesome visit.

  3. I love old cemeteries too. Rhode Island has some great ones. Swan point is quite nice. I love the really old ones though. The state is known for its vampires too. That’s a really interesting aspect of its history if you look into it.
    I used to love walking around Providence. There are some great little shops and restaurants there. I’m from Rhode Island and lived in there until I got married. My family is all there and I’m down to visit a lot because I’m right next door in Massachusetts.

    1. I didn’t know you were from RI! I really like New England, or what I’ve seen of it, but this was my first trip to RI. I’m already looking forward to going back.

  4. Another who loves old cemeteries. Mom used to take all four of us through pioneer cemeteries across the west. They were fascinating, and history became so much more real when we saw its results.

    And yeah! for card catalogues.

    1. We saw card catalogues in the Newport Athenaeum *and* the Providence Athenaeum Library! They made me feel almost weepy. Both of them even included some old *handwritten* cards amongst the typed ones!

  5. I bought some of those Dave’s syrups for my coffee loving husband for Christmas. It is very strong and very sweet. He pretty much just uses it on ice cream, and sometimes to make his coffee sweeter and more coffee-ish!

    Old cemeteries are great – visited one across the street from Yale University several years ago and there were some seriously old headstones, like 1700s. They used to write so much on them, it was fascinating!

    And card catalogs are cool for sure. Both my parents were catalogers at the Library of Congress and we would use the older discarded ones around the house as notecards!

    1. I haven’t opened the Dave’s syrup yet — I’m waiting for a warmer day, when we’ll really enjoy a cold drink! sigh.

      I’ve really enjoyed visiting New Haven in the past, too!

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