Product Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss (Shade 08)

kate moss rimmel

I’ve been enjoying drugstore lipsticks just as much as high-end lip colors lately. It might just be the spring weather putting me in the mood for cheap-and-chic makeup, or perhaps it’s the fact that mass-market lipstick offerings really are better than ever these days.

I tried a Rimmel lipstick a few years ago and ended up throwing away most of it—that was the Moisture Renew formula, if I remember correctly. However, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick is another story entirely.

kate moss rimmel outside

While I doubt that Kate Moss really had much input into this line of lipsticks, I must admit that I’m a longtime fan of Ms. Moss, and her name and face might have influenced my purchase a bit. So did the sleek and simple black packaging. However, the real draw of Lasting Finish in Shade 08 is its color: a dusty rose in a creme texture.

Here’s a swatch:

kate moss rimmel swatch

Shade 08 actually looks warmer on the skin than it does in the tube, so it might not work for anyone who has strictly cool-toned skin. However, it will suit anyone  in the slightly-cool-to-neutral or neutral-to-warmer ranges. It’s a polished, trend-proof color.

kate moss rimmel 2

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish has a wonderful texture: if you blindfolded me and I applied this product without knowing what it was, its feel and its scent would make me think that I was trying out a luxury lipstick. (Dare I say… Chanel?)

Once on the lips, Lasting Finish feels creamy but not at all slippery, and this product does last well through a busy morning.

I don’t know whether any of Rimmel’s other Lasting Finish by Kate Moss shades would work for me, but I’m very happy with 08. If you spot a Rimmel display in your own drugstore, do take a look at Lasting Finish and see whether any of the colors appeal to you.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks retail for approximately $5 each.

Product source: I purchased this lipstick at CVS.

Images: all photos by Tinsel Creation.


10 thoughts on “Product Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss (Shade 08)

  1. Lovely! I never would have given that lipstick a second glance without the swatch, thank you.

    I hear you on the drugstore lippies, too. I’m having a little love affair with Revlon’s classic reds and pinks, most of which came out in the early 1950’s and have been in production ever since, with good reason. I felt almost embarrassed to find the exact shades I’d been searching for in the high end lines right there at Walgreens.

    1. It’s funny—there are some high-end lipsticks for which I’ve never found mass-market equivalents, but then there are plenty of cheap treats out there! I remember ogling Chanel’s sheer lipsticks about a year ago, not being able to take the plunge, and walking away. Now I’m very happy with my recent-release sheer lippies from L’Oreal and Maybelline! Sometimes a little patience pays off…

  2. I came so close to buying one of these the other day, and now you post about them! I’ve splurged too much on lipsticks over the winter and I’m STOPPING, dangit. NO MORE LIPSTICKS FOR ME…. sigh.

  3. Oh I have this color. I was so pleasantly surprised by the formula. Great inexpensive find. Your post reminds me that I should have a look at the other shades. :)

    1. hah! I think it might be too warm for you, since it’s very nearly too warm for me… but you should definitely check out the cooler shades in the line, just because the texture is so nice!

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