Product Review: Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor


Did you hear that Fleet Week was cancelled in New York City this year? I have to say that I was disappointed to hear this. Not that I actually spend any time interacting with the visiting sailors, but I like to see them roaming around town for a few days.

Plus, it was going to be the perfect tie-in to this review of Hello Sailor, the newest product from Lipstick Queen.


Hello Sailor is a limited edition lipstick that looks navy blue in the tube. (The blue metallic case is actually identical to the one used a few years ago for Jean Queen; you can read my old review of that one here, on Blogdorf Goodman.)

The twist here is that Hello Sailor doesn’t end up nautical blue on the mouth: it morphs into a much more wearable shade on the lips.

Here’s a swatch on my arm, showing the color as it looks when first applied to skin:


At first it’s a chilly, pearlized, blue-ish lavender, with an almost frostbitten effect. On my arm, it stays that way. On my mouth, however, it deepens and shifts. Here is a very amateurish shot, to give you an idea:


After a minute or two, Hello Sailor appears as a sheer plum-berry shade with very slight shimmer. The more I build it up, the more intense the color becomes.

This shade is best suited to cool skin tones; I have a feeling that it wouldn’t flatter warm-toned skin or summer tans. That’s fine with me, really: we paler, cooler ladies deserve our own fun piece of spring/summer makeup, when so many of the seasonal releases at every counter are bronzes and corals and aquamarines.


Hello Sailor has a balm-like feeling, thanks to its moisturizing ingredients (castor seed oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, olive oil, and various synthetic humectants). Its texture and pigmentation remind me of Lipstick Queen’s cult classic Medieval. It could also be worn over matte or creme lipsticks in berry and plum shades, for a glossier finish.

I bought my Hello Sailor at Barneys, where it was reportedly flying off the shelf. I’ve read that it will also be available at SpaceNK beginning May 1st. Since this is a limited edition, you might want to act quickly if you’re interested—maybe even get on a waiting list.


Images: All product photos by Tinsel Creation. Top image: VJ Day by Alfred Eisenstaedt for LIFE, 1945.


7 thoughts on “Product Review: Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor

  1. I have the hardest time finding lipstick colors that work well with my cool-toned pale skin and that aren’t too intensely pigmented! Lipstick Queen Medieval is one that works on me and is always in my makeup bag – I’m going looking for Hello Sailor immediately – thanks so much for reviewing it. :D

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