Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Sephora “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Clutch


I was flipping through Allure magazine last night and I spied this item in a spread of new products for Fall 2013. It’s Sephora’s “Drop Dead Gorgeous” studded clutch case containing a set of five makeup brushes ($58).

I won’t go on and on about the way that skull motifs have become mainstream over the past decade, and how much this phenomenon annoys former-Goth me. (Just one thing, because I can’t resist: on a recent visit to Fairfield County, Connecticut, a place synonymous with bland suburban affluence, I saw a blond 6- or 7-year-old boy wearing a pair of preppy shorts embroidered with tiny black skulls rather than whales or sailboats. Now I’ll stop.)

So, my first thought about Sephora’s brush case was “oh, no, another skull,” and my second was, “but where have I seen this clutch purse before?”



Of course. Alexander McQueen was using skulls in his work from the very beginning of his career, and his company continues the tradition with pieces like this leather clutch, studded in a Union Jack pattern and topped by a skull clasp. ($1525 at Neiman Marcus)

Come on, Sephora. I know you’re still reaching the last, lagging wave of the masses with the whole rebellious! rock-and-roll! skull thing, but can’t you at least do it without ripping off the genius who started this particular punk-into-couture trend in the first place?


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