Just for a laugh: Topps “My Sink” Wacky Packs Trading Card


Are you old enough to remember the Wacky Packs trading cards sold by Topps in the 1970s and 1980s? Did you own any? They were very popular at my grade school. Although I didn’t personally own any, I could appreciate their parodies of popular consumer products. I don’t remember this card specifically, but now that I’m looking at it, I’m finding it pretty humorous. It’s a direct parody of Lanvin’s classic fragrance My Sin, released in 1924 and discontinued in 1988.


Here’s a My Sin ad from the 1960s that clearly shows the Lanvin logo, a stylized illustration of a mother and daughter created by artist Paul Iribe. This bottle was gold on black: very chic. I like the way that Topps adapted it for My Sink, even including the dotted line beneath the figures.


My Sin was also offered in square glass bottles like the one on the Topps card, still incorporating the Iribe design.

I’m tempted to purchase My Sink on eBay, just to have, since I appreciate it even more now than I would have when my school friends were collecting these cards!

(I’ve written before about My Sin, in reference to a young adult novel by Ellen Conford; you can read that post here.)


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