Product Review: Anna Sui Spring 2014 Lipstick in Cherry Pink (01)


Last week I stopped by the Anna Sui boutique for the first time in months. It was an unusually long stretch between visits for me, due to the miserable winter weather and an especially busy work season. I didn’t end up buying any clothing from the sale rack (just as well!), but I did spend a while examining the Spring 2014 cosmetics line.

I was especially charmed by these limited edition lipsticks in rose-patterned cases, available in three shades: Cherry Pink, Coral Pink, and Deco Orange. They were launched in early February.


Cherry Pink (01) was definitely the shade for me, not that I really need any new lipsticks, but it was almost the first day of spring and I hadn’t been in SoHo in so long and I was weak in the face of temptation and what are you going to do. Anyway! In the tube, Cherry Pink looks like a bubble-gum pink shade with detectable shimmer. I’ve been phasing out the brighter lip colors in my collection, but I swatched this one on my hand and realized that it was much softer and more transparent on skin.


Here we have swatches of Cherry Pink on my wrist in direct and indirect sunlight. It’s really a cool-toned, rosy-pink shade, and its shimmer is barely noticeable once the product is applied.

As the sweet sales associate in the boutique explained to me, this product is really a lip tint rather than a full-coverage lipstick. I agree. The formula feels almost gel-like, with a moisturizing effect (it supposedly uses the same “melting oil” technology as the line’s lip balm) and it has a flattering semi-shine finish. The color is concentrated enough to be noticeable, but sheer enough to give a soft, fresh look.


You can wear this Limited Lipstick (which is an unfortunate translation; they really need to spell out “Limited Edition” in full) by itself for a natural effect or over a creme or matte lipstick to add a soft sheen. Another nice feature: it has a light tea-rose scent.

I’ve probably mentioned this fact before—the Anna Sui cosmetics line is produced by Japanese company Albion, which is also the manufacturer behind Paul & Joe Beauté. Anna Sui and Paul & Joe both offer flattering, feminine lip colors in vintage-y packaging, and the quality of Albion’s lipsticks and glosses is consistently good, which is why I end up shopping both brands so regularly.

Anna Sui cosmetics are available at the Anna Sui  boutique, located at 113 Greene Street in SoHo. You can place a phone order at 212-941-8406; tell the ladies I sent you!

Product source: I purchased this lipstick.

Images: top photo via Anna Sui Facebook page, other photos by Tinsel Creation.


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