Barneys Beauty Event, September 2014 — with photo



It’s that time of year again: Barneys is holding its semi-annual “bag event,” when you can receive a “gift with purchase” with your purchase of fragrance or beauty products.

Here’s the official information for the Fall 2014 event…

September 10th-14th:
With your purchase/preorder of $200 and up, you get this bag including the items (full and deluxe) shown below.

Click through for a photo of the gift bag’s contents:


I remember the minimum purchase being $250 back in February. Could they really have lowered it? If I find out otherwise, I’ll update this post.

This offer is valid at Barneys New York stores (or “Barney’s,” as some folks still like to call it) and the Barneys website. Contents of bag may differ according to availability, etc. Call your local Barneys to confirm details!




3 thoughts on “Barneys Beauty Event, September 2014 — with photo

  1. Yay, I was waiting for some details. I seem to recall the $250 minimum from earlier this year. I ended up not getting anything as I was well stocked on stuff I normally save for Barneys events.

  2. YES they have lowered it! $200 dollars!
    I have already pre-ordered. They sell out early on many items! Even as early as I ordered, some of the Fall Chanel colors were already gone.

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