Preview: Lipstick Queen Ice Queen Lipstick


The FedEx truck made a stop at my door tonight, and I’ve just opened a sample of Lipstick Queen’s new product for winter/holiday 2014: Ice Queen, a snowy-white illuminating lipstick that brings “a whisper of silver and gold and a hint of iridescence” to lips.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 5.51.54 PM

More description from the press release: “Ice Queen looks gorgeous on its own for a dreamy and romantic look and a slightly space-age take on a natural lip. And it can also be worn as a top coat: those gold and silver lustre particles transform shimmer-free textures, giving them a flattering, soft-focus effect.”

I’ll be testing Ice Queen this week, alone and in combination with other lip colors. Stay tuned for a review and swatches…


In the meantime, I’m just enjoying the packaging. The matte silver tube is patterned with icicles, and I’ve figured out (putting my education to good use!) that the box illustration is influenced by the Art Deco illustrator Erté.


The most obvious source is Erté’s Sleeping Beauty, a scene of a reclining woman in a snowfall.


This design might have also borrowed its crescent moon and silvery palette from Erté’s Winter. Dreamy!

More to come soon…

Product photo (top) by Tinsel Creation. Erté works via Wikiart.

Product source: press sample.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Lipstick Queen Ice Queen Lipstick

  1. I have been looking for a white lipstick with illuminating blue color in it (kryolan had it, but does not producera it anymore) watta shame….soo…..I am looking all over the world to find this lipstick color and
    Have found no luck so far…..

    1. Hm, that’s a tricky one! You might have to buy a shimmery white lip color and get some loose blue pigment and mix it up yourself. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makes a frosty white Lip Tar called “Iced,” and I”m sure you know all the good sources for loose minerals/pigments!

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