Product Review: TonyMoly Sweet Stick Delight in Sweet Cherry (01)

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Some fans of Korean beauty brands are obsessed with cutting-edge skincare; others rave about the mascaras and eyeliners. Me? I keep gravitating towards lip colors, as usual.

My latest pick is Tony Moly’s Sweet Stick Delight. It’s available in five shades, and the one I love is Sweet Cherry (01), pictured at left in the photo above.

tony moly cherry 2

According to its packaging, Sweet Stick Delight is a “high-coloration moisturizing tint stick” that “expresses vivid color.” It’s packaged in a shiny tube color-keyed to the shade within—in the case of Sweet Cherry, a bright medium red with cool undertones.

(Sweet Stick is not to be confused with TonyMoly’s popular Tony Tint Delight, a liquid lip tint with a doe’s-foot applicator.)

I love the idea of a classic red lip, but I have a hard time finding a red lipstick that doesn’t overwhelm my round face and soft features. I get frustrated when magazines insist that yes, anyone can wear red lipstick! and then they recommend something totally overwhelming and expensive, like Tom Ford. Ugh.tony moly cherry 1However, the combination of the Sweet Cherry shade and the Sweet Stick Delight formulation does, in fact, work for me. Here’s an “open” view of the Sweet Stick, showing that vibrant, clear red.

Here’s a swatch of a single swipe of Sweet Cherry on my wrist. It’s very densely pigmented, yet it actually does feel balm-like. No dragging, no caking…just rich, smooth color with a light touch of shine.

tony moly cherry swatch

One coat of Sweet Cherry gives ample color and coverage. In fact, one coat is even too much for me (although it may be right for you, if you have stronger features!). Fortunately, it’s very easy to customize, even if you’re not up to wearing a full-on red lip. You can:

– Apply one coat to upper *or* lower lip; press lips together; blot and touch up with fingertip….OR:

– Dab color onto fingertip; press onto lips with fingertip…OR:

– Use a lip-brush to apply.

I end up with a more muted effect that still says “red lipstick” without being too much for me. It lasts well and wears down gradually into a matte tint. Oh, and it’s unscented—no fake-fruity fragrance!

tony moly cherry 3

I can’t read this Korean label, but I’m guessing that the tiny lip-mark ratings system tells you that Sweet Stick Delight is very pigmented and very moisturizing. If you loved the color and feel of Lipstick Queen’s Medieval, but you wanted more intense color, you should try this.

Plus, it costs about $10, which is a much more affordable way to experiment than by buying something from a high-end line that some magazine is getting paid to shill. Do check it out if you can!

Images: top photo via TonyMoly; other photos by Tinsel Creation.

Product source: I purchased this item at TonyMoly.


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