Product Review: Kiko Cosmetics Angel Kiss in Cranberry Crumble


I’ve never had problems with chapped lips like I’m having this winter. This situation actually began in September (as a reaction to an ingredient in a new lip balm, I believe) and it’s morphed into a repeated cycle of dryness and peeling. Indoor heating and the constant weather changes seem to be the main culprits.

I made a trip to the local mall last weekend, and on a visit to Kiko Cosmetics I spied this lip care/color set on the sale table. It includes a lip scrub and a tinted balm, available in four color/flavor options.  


It’s hard to resist a box of two beauty items for less than $7, and I was feeling a new wave of dryness about to attack my mouth anyway, so I pounced. I’ve used both products several times by now. The Velvet Lips Lip Scrub is made with fine-grained sugar and it has a fake-but-fun cranberry flavor. I just dab it onto my mouth, gently wipe it off with a tissue, and end up with softer-feeling lips. (I’m using it sparingly, twice a week.)

The Kiss Balm Lip Balm was a nice surprise. Not only does it feel moisturizing (yet not oily or slippery) on my mouth, it’s very well-pigmented. Cranberry Crush is really more of a raspberry shade than a cranberry shade (leaning more blue/violet than you’d expect), best for cooler-toned skin. One swipe gives a subtle “bitten” tint; two coats creates a fairly vibrant “pop” of color for your winter look.

Kiko is still offering this set in stores and online, so if you’re in need of some extra pampering for your cold-weather lips, this might be a fun option. I also noticed that the customer service at my local boutique was much improved this time around — good to see, since I really did want to give this affordable Italian brand another chance.

Product source: I purchased this product.



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