Product Review: Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil (Updated, with Ingredients)


According to Cosmetics Business, Aveda has just reformulated its Dry Remedy haircare range, designed “to quench dry hair, tame frizz, tackle flyways and add shine. The key product—Daily Moisturizing Oil—is a bottle of the oil itself, intended as a daily leave-in treatment, harvested from the fruit of the moriche palm tree.”

I received a tiny, trial-size tube of Daily Moisturizing Oil the last time I shopped at Aveda, and I’ve been finding it very useful and effective in my efforts to protect my hair from cold, harsh winter air and dry, over-heated interiors. Aveda isn’t the first brand to incorporate buriti oil into its products—L’Occitane offered buriti-enriched skincare and haircare in 2008—but this oil appeals to me because it is so simple and focused.

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Five on Five: Desk-Drawer Beauty Essentials

I recently began a new job, and in addition to the big positive picture of having work that challenges and satisfies me, it feels great to have a fresh new desk where I can get organized.

I’ve also been setting my usual small stash of beauty products in a drawer, for mid-day maintenance and small emergencies. Here are five of my essentials…

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