Five on Five: Desk-Drawer Beauty Essentials

I recently began a new job, and in addition to the big positive picture of having work that challenges and satisfies me, it feels great to have a fresh new desk where I can get organized.

I’ve also been setting my usual small stash of beauty products in a drawer, for mid-day maintenance and small emergencies. Here are five of my essentials…

Hand cream, of course! The commercial hand-soap in office bathrooms is harsh and drying, and I’m constantly shoving my hands into file drawers and library shelves, so I need to compensate with multiple applications of lotion throughout the day. Aveda Hand Relief is effective, non-greasy, lightly scented with citrus, and neatly packaged in a tube. ($8 for a travel-size tube at Aveda)

Speaking of hands, I can’t believe how often I snag or break a nail. Keeping an emery board in my purse or desk gives me a chance to control the damage. I really love these cheeky little emery board packets from Anne Taintor. ($4.99 at the Anne Taintor website)

Maybe your hair stays lovely all day. Or maybe it tends to droop, or frizz, or feel static-dry by mid-afternoon. If you can identify with the latter situations, you’ll appreciate having a small spray bottle of Ouidad Botanical Boost tucked away in a drawer. ($16 and up at Ouidad; a travel-size is available as part of a $25 4-product “starter kit”)

Sometimes a quickie late-day tooth-brushing can be really refreshing, and if I’m headed anywhere after work, it feels vital. Freebies from my last dental check-up are fine, but why not choose something fancy and old-world once in a while? Marvis toothpastes have beautiful packaging and sophisticated flavors. ($6 at C. O. Bigelow)

For more inner health and beauty,  a little bit of aromatherapy never hurts. I like essential oils of lavender (relaxing and cleansing) or peppermint (makes me feel more alert!), or Pratima Anti-Stress Aroma Oil, an comforting yet uplifting blend of citrus, spice, and sweet notes. ($18 at Pratima)

Do you have any favorite desk-drawer essentials? If so, feel free to share in the comments!

Disclaimer: I have purchased all these products.


4 thoughts on “Five on Five: Desk-Drawer Beauty Essentials

  1. I also keep clear nail polish for runs in the pantyhose. A small mirror and some lip balm are necessary for me too.

    1. Oh! The nail polish is a great idea. I need to do that. I usually have lip balm in my bag, but it would be handy to have one floating around the desk, too, especially when the weather gets cool and the indoor heating starts blasting…

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