Covet: Modern Mermaid from Birchbox


What is it about mermaids? Why are we fascinated by them? I wouldn’t actually want to be one (if they existed). I don’t swim. I would never go topless. I’m not an adult Disney fan with an Ariel obsession. I think the story of “The Little Mermaid” (the real Hans Christian Anderson story, not that Disney version!) is strange and sad; the first time I read it, as a child, I kept turning the last page back and forth, hoping for another (happier) ending.

And yet, like many other women, I would ask a mermaid for some beauty tips. The hair! the pale skin! the shimmery scales!

Birchbox, the beauty-product shopping site and subscription club, has just launched a limited edition set called Modern Mermaid.

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Just an Idea: Birchbox Gift Subscriptions


It’s December already? How did that happen?

I’m having a busier month than I’ve had in ages, which in some ways is a good problem to have (employment! side projects!), but it makes other activities difficult to get around to. One of those things is holiday shopping.

If you’re feeling the same way, and you have anyone on your gift list who’s hooked on beauty products, you might want to consider a Birchbox gift subscription (or several).

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