Kim Novak Shopping for Perfume at Dior (1950)


Here we see Kim Novak circa 1950, impeccably coiffed and dressed (gloves! purse! pearl bracelet!) while she samples perfume at the Christian Dior boutique in Paris. The bottles with the houndstooth-print labels are most likely Miss Dior, in all its original glory. The dark, curvy Baccarat flaçon standing just in front of Ms. Novak may be Diorama. The bottles with the “basket-weave” labels at left might hold Eau de Cologne Fraîche.

Whichever fragrance she’s wearing, she must smell marvelous.

I’m posting this photograph because Ms. Novak’s appearance at last night’s Academy Awards has caused a bit of online commentary, to put things kindly. Please do take a few minutes to read my friend Farran’s post on this subject at The Self-Styled Siren.

Image: Kim Novak testing perfume at the Dior boutique on the Avenue Montaigne, Paris, circa 1950. Collection of Jean-Louis Quémar.


Luncheon with…Dior?

dior dejeuner

This morning, my friend C. and I were enjoying brunch together and were looking through the Sunday Times as we ate. This advertisement for Dior made us both laugh.

It’s titled “Secret Garden 2: Versailles,” and apparently there’s some online video that we can watch to learn more. I haven’t done that yet. I’m more interested in the ad’s visual source, which has nothing to do with Versailles at all.

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