An untitled poem by Florine Stettheimer

My attitude is one of love
is all adoration
for all the fringes
all the color
all tinsel creation
I like slippers gold
I like oysters cold
and my garden with mixed flowers
and the sky full of towers
and traffic in the streets
and Mallard’s sweets
and Bendel’s clothes
and Nat Lewis hose
and Tappe’s window arrays
and crystal fixtures
and my pictures
and Walt Disney cartoons
and colored balloons.

Image: Florine Stettheimer, Self-Portrait (ca. 1912-14), Columbia University.



This blog is a work in progress. I’m envisioning it as a place to gather all my internet musings beyond the weekly perfume articles that I write for Now Smell This: a mix of beauty product reviews, photographs of odd and lovely things I’ve seen around New York City, quotations about beauty and fragrance from literature and film, visual analyses of perfume advertisements (the art historian in me is never quiet for long!), and so on.

In this spirit of appreciation for small pleasures, I’ve taken the name for this blog from a poem by the artist Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944). Stettheimer was a New York resident, a privileged bohemian who acted as hostess to a fascinating circle of cultural figures, a painter who created fantastical portraits of friends and family and captured the details of her life with wit and whimsy. I have loved her work for a long time, and she is the first of many “influences” that I’ll mention in these pages.

I’m planning on starting with three or four posts per week; I’ll see how things go, and take it from there.

Note: I’m still something of a novice at using blogging platforms, so I may make a technical slip from time to time; please bear with me. Thank you for reading!