Screen Time: “Desperately Seeking Susan” (1985)


The film “Desperately Seeking Susan” turned 30 years old this week.

I almost had to get out a pen and paper to confirm that number—THIRTY? really? I didn’t see it when it was released in the theater, but I rented it a couple of years later (VHS tape!) and it’s still one of my favorite romantic comedies. Actually, it might even be one of my “top 25” movies, if I were making such a list…

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Product Review: ILIA Lipstick Crayon in Dress You Up


ILIA Beauty’s newest product is a twist-up Lipstick Crayon with a semi-matte finish and a healthy formula that includes sesame oil, rose hip oil, papaya seed oil, and candelilla wax, among other natural ingrdients. I’ve been trying it in the shade Dress You Up, which ILIA describes in this way:

Our first true mauve that will suit most skin tones. This rose-berry hue is just enough color to take your lips from a day to night look.

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