Quick Reads: A New Blog About Jersey City


There are many blogs about New York City’s history, but very few about the past of its next-door neighbor New Jersey. I’m happy to see a new blog, Another Town on the Hudson, which concentrates on Jersey City’s cultural history. The author (full disclosure: someone close to me!) is posting weekly meditations on Chilltown’s past, illustrated with fascinating archival images. I look forward to following it, and I just wanted to share it with anyone who might be a fellow history-lover or Jersey native.

Image: Holland Tubes, Jersey City, NJ, via New York Public Library.

Mr. Sendak and the Lovely Present… An Appreciation

This morning I awoke to the news that Maurice Sendak had died at the age of eighty-three. I’ve been thinking about Sendak all day—about his art, his writing, and the influence he has had on me (and on my entire generation, as well as the following one, and onwards). Continue reading “Mr. Sendak and the Lovely Present… An Appreciation”