Product Review: Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Midnight Hour

I’ve tried quite a few items from Edward Bess’s luxury cosmetics line since it was launched at Bergdorf Goodman in 2007. My favorite treats from the line are still the Ultra Slick Lipsticks, which were his very first products. When I recently heard that some colors had been dropped from the line-up and some new ones had been added, I was nervous. Would I find anything to suit my taste and my coloring in the new selection?

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My Back Pages: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “May Day”

In 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald published a short story titled “May Day” in the literary magazine Smart Set. He had only recently become a sensation for his first novel This Side of Paradise, and he hadn’t even written The Great Gatsby yet, but he was already recognized as one of the voices of the inter-war “Jazz Age” generation.

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Covet: Paul & Joe La Maison

Please excuse my over-the-top enthusiasm in the post I’m about to type.

I’ve been a fan of the Paul & Joe fashion line for the past decade, even though I can’t really afford any of its offerings. (Occasionally I come across something drastically reduced on a sale rack, but that hasn’t happened in years.) On the other hand, I’ve purchased plenty of Paul & Joe Beauté cosmetics, which are always pretty and flattering and are packaged to match the signature prints of Paul & Joe’s clothing.

And now there’s a Paul & Joe housewares line called La Maison! I’ve just read about it in the New York Times (you can see the article here).

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Product Review: La Mer The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid

Oh, the sun. The summer sun. It’s here, and it’s not my friend. I wear facial sunblock all year ’round, but I’m especially diligent about applying it during the hottest months of the year. The problem, of course, is selecting a sunblock that effectively protects my fair/light skin, layers smoothly under makeup, doesn’t leave a white-ish cast, doesn’t clog my pores or create excess shine on my face, and isn’t too difficult to find when I need to buy a new bottle.

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The Art of Perfume Ads: Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

I’m hoping to balance vintage perfume advertisements with more recent examples in this series; I’d also like to mention a few perfume ads that take their inspiration from film as well as the more traditional visual arts.

Elizabeth Arden’s campaign for Fifth Avenue is contemporary as well as film-influenced. Fifth Avenue was released in 1996 and it’s still in production; the Arden website describes it as “a sparkling, sheer floral with subtle warmth and richness.”

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