Covet: Paul & Joe La Maison

Please excuse my over-the-top enthusiasm in the post I’m about to type.

I’ve been a fan of the Paul & Joe fashion line for the past decade, even though I can’t really afford any of its offerings. (Occasionally I come across something drastically reduced on a sale rack, but that hasn’t happened in years.) On the other hand, I’ve purchased plenty of Paul & Joe Beauté cosmetics, which are always pretty and flattering and are packaged to match the signature prints of Paul & Joe’s clothing.

And now there’s a Paul & Joe housewares line called La Maison! I’ve just read about it in the New York Times (you can see the article here).

Paul & Joe La Maison includes tabletop items and other kitchen pieces in three prints: cherry blossoms (see above), goldfish (sorry, “koi”), and—wait for it—kittens.

I’m not much of a fish person, so if the koi design were the only option, I’d be able to move on. However, the cherry blossom is lovely, a blend of traditional Provençal design with Asian influences, and the colors would work well with the dishes and linens I already own.

But: it’s the KITTENS that are making me LOSE MY MIND. I do own a Paul & Joe shirt in a kitten print (found on one of those elusive sale racks!) and a kitten-patterned nail file that I’ve never used because it’s just too sweet to mess up. And now here we have kitten dishes! and placemats! and salad bowls and a pair of salt-and-pepper shakers, and more, all featuring these tiny cats.

Kitten trays of various dimensions! I could use a large one for serving drinks or coffee or little dishes of ice cream. And I could use a small one to organize things on my desktop, or—better yet!—to hold a few perfume bottles on my dressing table.

There’s a butter dish, and cups that were obviously created for café au lait, and a set of two mugs packaged in a matching lunchbox. And—so perfect—a tea-for-one set.

I desperately need one of these, for sipping tea while writing at my desk (the one where I’ll put the small kitten tray). The only problem: where to find these products, specifically in New York? The Times article only included a phone number, which seems to be the number for the Paul & Joe boutique in Los Angeles, although no one picked up when I called.

I need to know. If anyone has any further information, please share it!

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