Product Review: La Mer The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid

Oh, the sun. The summer sun. It’s here, and it’s not my friend. I wear facial sunblock all year ’round, but I’m especially diligent about applying it during the hottest months of the year. The problem, of course, is selecting a sunblock that effectively protects my fair/light skin, layers smoothly under makeup, doesn’t leave a white-ish cast, doesn’t clog my pores or create excess shine on my face, and isn’t too difficult to find when I need to buy a new bottle.

I’m usually loyal to 100% Pure’s Pomegranate Antioxidant Hydration SPF 20 and Pratima Skincare’s Neem Rose Face Suncreen SPF 30, but when I received a sample of La Mer’s The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid a month or two ago, I decided to give it a try. I’ve never used the famous Creme de la Mer moisturizer or any other product from La Mer, so I can’t draw any comparisons or discuss how this sunscreen would fit into a complete La Mer regimen. However, I’ve integrated it into my own regimen for the past week, and my experience has been a good one.

According to the press release, The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid contains “exclusive Hollow Photonic Spheres to help reroute light and scatter individual light waves,” as well as “a new Smart Seaweed Ferment” and “semi-precious tourmaline and Brazilian malachite.” That’s all a bit of white noise to me, but I do understand the inclusion of zinc oxide and octinoxate for sun protection. And I can appreciate the Fluid’s slightly pearlized quality and its very light rose fragrance when I pour a quarter-sized amount into the palm of my hand.

This formula absorbs quickly and invisibly into my skin, and thanks to its various silicones, it provides a smooth surface for my foundation. When I wear The SPF 30 Protecting Fluid, not only does my face feel guarded from the sun, but my makeup lasts longer and my skin seems to stay more matte than usual. All in all, this product performs very, very well.

At $70, The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid is certainly a luxury item—well, it’s La Mer, after all. I suppose you could think of it as  two-in-one product (sunscreen and primer) to ease the sticker shock. But if you do have the cash on hand to invest in your summer skincare, this is an excellent option.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample at a Bergdorf Goodman press event.

Images: actress Esther Ralston at the beach, via CorbisImages; product photos by Tinsel Creation.


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