Covet: Shiseido Eudermine in Anniversary Packaging

I have a few favorites in the Shiseido product line, and I’ve been aware of this major Japan-based brand since my twenties, but I tend to forget just how long Shiseido has been around. This year marks Shiseido’s 140th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the brand looks back at its history (enjoy this illustrated timeline!) and has issued a limited edition of Eudermine Revitalizing Essence, one of its oldest (and best-selling) products, in a facsimile of its original 1897 bottle.

Eudermine is a “softening lotion” whose name brings together the Greek roots for “good” (“eu”) and “skin” (“derm”). Its red color and Western-style packaging were unusual in the turn-of-the-century Japanese market, and the product was such a success that it has been kept in manufacture (with frequent updates to its formula) through the present day.

I don’t really need this product—I’m guessing that it wouldn’t even agree with my skin—but I did love stopping to look at the bottle and label when I recently passed a Shiseido counter in a department store.  I’m hoping that Shiseido will re-issue other products and packaging designs in years to come, just to remind us of the brand’s “heritage.” (That term is really overused these days, but Shiseido has actually earned it).

After enjoying the late-Victorian appearance of the Eudermine’s original floral label and faceted bottle, I’m a bit sorry to come back to the present design, even if it was created by the visionary Serge Lutens in 1997. I’m just not a minimalist!

You can view a line-up of Eudermine through the decades here.

Happy Anniversary, Shiseido!

Eudermine Revitalizing Essence Limited Edition is available at Shiseido counters and the Shiseido website

Images: all courtesy of the Shiseido 140th anniversary website.


5 thoughts on “Covet: Shiseido Eudermine in Anniversary Packaging

  1. What a nice piece, I really appreciated the timeline and visuals of the evolution of the packaging. The 1954 and 1968 bottles, though not that elegant, are particularly ‘of their time’.

    1. I can’t believe there was an exhibition on Shiseido at the Grey Art Gallery and I missed it! The company does seem to have maintained an interesting “archive” of its products and packaging and promotional materials… I like the 1960s Eudermine bottle, too!

  2. Shiseido fanatic here, although I’ve never used this product… But the limited edition is covetable for sure!

      1. I swear by their powdery foundation – my favorite foundation of all time.

        I also love their lip products, their entire lip line pretty much – even the gloss, which is saying something, because I’m not much of a gloss person. But the lipsticks especially, something about the feel of them – so smooth and luxurious. They come in bright colors and are not cakey. I especially appreciate that they have a lot of matte lipsticks. I like their blush, too. The only product I’ve tried that I haven’t really loved, honestly, is the mascara my rep gave me a sample of once…

        I also like their The Skincare line quite a bit, although lately I’ve been cheaping out in the skincare category and it shows… :P

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