Product Review: Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color in Lady Godiva

It’s turned out to be a big week for nudity here on Tinsel Creation: first Lady Gaga, then Helmut Newton, and now an eyeshadow named for the folk heroine who rode her horse naked through the streets of her city in order to gain tax cuts for its citizens. The hot weather must be getting to me.

Sunday Riley offers thirty-two shades of Prismasilk Eye Color, and Lady Godiva is my favorite so far. It’s a taupe shimmer, which sounds dull, but isn’t: depending on the angle, it seems to include hints of gold and plum and gray. It’s versatile and sophisticated and wonderfully trend-proof.  (I’m ignoring the “neon-bright colors!” trend that is currently being fabricated by all the magazines.)

Here’s another view of Lady Godiva: as always, Sunday Riley’s packaging is clean and modern and durable. Depending on the day, I’ve been applying this shade over the eyelid with a shadow brush  or just in the crease (over a nude base color) with a narrower defining/contouring eye brush. The Prismasilk formula is soft, easy to blend, and finely milled, with very subtle shimmer that doesn’t drift away from the eye area. Lady Godiva lasts all day when I wear it over a primer.

As you can see in the two product photos above and these two sun-and-shade swatches on my wrist, Lady Godiva morphs a bit from warmer to cooler in different lights. It does skew a bit cooler in general, although it’s pretty close to neutral.

Like many high-quality basics, this particular Lady Godiva is a little camera-shy; photographs don’t do her justice. If you do live anywhere near a Sunday Riley counter, I encourage you to pay her and her fellow Prismasilks a visit.

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color ($26) is available at the Sunday Riley website, Sephora (online only), Barneys, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Disclaimer: I purchased this eyeshadow at Bergdorf Goodman; the Eye Definer Brush (pictured) was part of a press sample package from Bergdorf.

Images: Maureen O’Hara in a publicity photo for Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955);  product photos by Tinsel Creation.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color in Lady Godiva

  1. I wish I saw this post before I bought my newest eyeshadow. I was totally looking for something like this. I usually wear greys and silvers and blacks. I wanted something a bit lighter- o I bought urban decay’s midnight cowboy (which is less pink than the google search). Also! I was at a wedding where they included a small perfume sampler that was wrapped in a pink foil twisted on the ends so it looked like saltwater taffy.

    1. These eye shadows really are excellent quality! and, from what I’m hearing from you and another friend, perfume samples seem to be a new trend for shower/wedding favors. (Why doesn’t this happen at the showers/weddings *I* attend?) Was it a Bond no. 9 sample?

  2. yes, it was bond no. 9 chelsea flowers. they also tucked in a few real salt water taffy sticks, so you had to be very careful not to plop the vial in your mouth!

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